Monday, March 14, 2011


Here are some custom ornaments I have painted.
On one side of the ornament, I have painted a picture
of the family. On the other side, I have painted a
picture of their home (taken from a photo).
These make great gifts! (Pictures were hard to take
because the ornaments are clear).

Other personalized ornaments...

Wall Art

September 15, 2008...Here is an airplane I
painted in my little boy's new "big boy" room.
I added photos of family members as passengers.

September 15, 2008...New frame with hooks...
Collages...Here are several collages that I
put together with saved ticket stubs, etc.
The first two were gifts for my husband.
A great way to preserve memories (and an
interesting piece of art for guests to see).
Wedding collage for the bride...
This was a gift from my cousin to her boyfriend
for Christmas (2007).

This bookshelf was painted in December,
2007. There are several views so you
can see more detail. It was painted
for a girl who loves horses.

This frame was painted for my sister's baby boy in 2007. Wall hooks for my friend's children...

This frame was painted for a friend's little girl in 2006.This frame was painted for a friend's little boy in 2007. I painted a Winnie the Pooh mural on a friend's nursery wall in 2004.
The following two pictures are of my little boy's nursery. I painted all the polka-dots and words around the top. This was painted in 2006.

I painted a border around a friend's daughter's room in 2000.

Baby Plaques...

Wall Plaques for Babies...